The power of all your information on one platform.

We integrate with everyone, so that you don't have to.

Plug and play proptech

DXBO gives you the flexibility to use the proptech solutions you prefer without your company having to integrate with each solution individually - saving your IT department the time and resources.

All projects, one overview

It’s no longer necessary to log in to multiple tools separately to find files or follow up on tasks. We provide you with a single dashboard to stay updated and engaged with all of your projects, regardless of what proptech solutions your subcontractors use.

Improve profitability with insights

Our machine learning algorithms will provide you with actionable industry insights, allowing you to make better decisions based on your profit margin projections. Property developers and contractors will be able to pin-point where their processes, project or teams are lacking in real-time and optimise their workflow accordingly. 

Happy customer, happy company

Our solution makes it easier for home owners and tenants to find the information they require to communicate effortlessly, saving your company the time to follow-up on every message and complaint.

We integrate with all relevant actors

 If you're a proptech company - let us know if you'd like to integrate with us. If you're a property developer or contractor - find out whether we're integrated with your preferred solutions.

Integrate once with DXBO

Access your preferred solutions

Get overview across all projects

How we add value